Sammy O'Banion Entertainment

Sammy O’Banion Entertainment is comprised of two entities, Sammy O’Banion as a solo artist. Also, Sammy O’Banion and Kenny Earl in conjunction with Timeless Music Legends presenting, “The Righteous Brothers Story”.

Sammy O’Banion has been in the entertainment business for 30+ years. His music career began in Augusta Georgia and later he relocated to Nashville Tennessee. Ten years ago Sammy relocated to North Carolina. Sammy has entertained two Presidents of the United States and sang the National Anthem for seven NFL games on National television. He has produced and hosted television and radio shows.

Sammy was inducted into The Beach Music Hall of Fame and the South Carolina Blues and Beach Music Hall of Fame. Also, Sammy received a life time achievement award from the International Beach Music Association.

Sammy has opened shows for many entertainers such as, Jackie Wilson, Jerry Butler, Dion Warrick, Little Anthony and the Imperials, George Jones, Gatlin Brothers and David Allen Coe.

The Righteous Brothers Story

The Righteous Brothers Story is a musical presentation of the Righteous Brothers careers from the beginning, the break up, and the reunion. Written through the eyes of Sammy O’Banion and Kenny Earl, the Righteous Brothers story is portrayed through their most popular music.


This story has O’Banion and Earl performing the hits of Hatfield and Medley with inspiration and respect for the legends. Like Hatfield and Medley, O’Banion and Earl have been friends and music colleagues for many years.  O’Banion and Earl’s musical vocals shine when performing songs like “Unchained Melody” and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”.


As you are aware “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and “Unchained Melody” was both songs from the movies “Top Gun” and “Ghost”, however they were both huge records in 1964 and 1965 before either movie. It is noteworthy that “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is the most played song in the history of radio.  Also recorded by the Righteous Brothers was “Soul and Inspiration”, “Rock and Roll Heaven”, “Dream On” and “Just Once in My Life”.  Their discography of hits spans their forty-two year career.  The Righteous Brothers Story is performed in three musical segments with no intermissions.  The segments are divided into the early years of Hatfield and Medley, the breakup and the reunion and the passing of Bobby Hatfield. 


O’Banion and Earl, also two blue eyes soul brothers honor the Righteous Brothers amazing careers through their tribute. Sammy O’Banion and Kenny Earl met in Nashville Tennessee and immediately became friends and musical colleagues for more than two decades. The audience will be enamored with O’Banion and Earl’s renditions of the Righteous Brothers classic hits.